Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hi All,

It's been awhile since I've posted, but after an inspiring event I attended on Sunday, I'm recharged about the publication of my first novel, Unfinished. Below you'll find a excerpt from the book to get your curiosity peaked for what's to come. Enjoy! And please feel free to comment.

LA Jefferson

Unfinished Business--Excerpt
“What the hell are you doing?” Lydia questioned herself in the back of her mind. She knew she’d been missing this kind of passion. Thomas was definitely making up for what she’d been missing as he continued pleasuring her with two of his fingers, massaging the inside of her thighs with his free hand, all the while tantalizing her with passion-filled kisses. Within minutes she released her pleasure all over his hand.
“Ummm,” Thomas groaned, all too proud of his accomplishment. He freed her lips from his, smiling seductively. “This is only the beginning.” He led her through her own house with strange familiarity until they reached her bedroom. After positioning her on the bed just the way he wanted her, Thomas disappeared, leaving her bewildered and throbbing for what she knew all too well awaited her. When he reentered the room, in one hand he had what looked like the remote control to her CD player, and in the other, a bowl of strawberries. He set the player where he wanted it, then put the remote on the night stand and joined Lydia on the bed.
A reflective grin crossed his lips as the familiar music from R&B love song writer and singer, Brian McKnight’s first CD began playing. Making love to slow jams had been a ritual between them. Maybe it was more fitting to say, one of their rituals. Thomas had always been a romantic and attentive lover. So she could only imagine what was getting ready to go down with the strawberries being brought into the mix.
Lydia smiled as Thomas slid her body so that her head was just below the headboard. Her body shivered with delightful nervous anticipation as Thomas slid her skirt and panties down her legs. On his way back up, he teased her inner thighs with the warmth and wetness of his tongue. When he found the center of her desire, she instinctively, palmed the back of his smooth head. Flicking her clitoris masterfully with the tip of his tongue, Thomas had Lydia near screaming, sending her body into convulsive-like movements across the bed.
“Okay, okay Thomas,” Lydia pleaded. “I can’t take this anymore,” she cooed, grabbing the thickness of his erection. “Please…,” she pleaded again.
“No, not yet,” Thomas denied her as be began dipping one strawberry at a time in and out of her center. She’d almost forgotten how big Thomas was on foreplay. He received no further interruption from her. By the time he finished, Lydia had cum multiple times and could hardly contain herself. Breathing heavily from the pleasure she just received, Lydia reached inside her side drawer, retrieving a condom from the supply she kept just in case. As spontaneous as her behavior tonight, she wasn’t so far gone not to make sure they were safe. She’d already suffered the consequence of making that mistake before.
Safety precautions taken care of, Thomas aligned his body with hers, teasing her by dipping the head of his hardness, quickly in and out of her, just enough to make her pull him into her. As he stroked her long and gentle, he stretched his hands towards her head, sliding his fingers through her hair. He knew she liked that. Thomas knew and did everything, and then some, just the way he knew she liked it. This night was all about her pleasure.
When Thomas quickened the pace of his stroke, she could tell he was getting ready to climax. He grabbed her hair tighter and pulled her closer to him. She mashed the tips of her fingers into his back wet with perspiration, preparing for her own climax. Their eyes locked as they simultaneously reached their pleasure peaks.
The next time Lydia opened her eyes, the clock read 4:30 A.M, an hour and a half before she had to get up for work. She had the weirdest dream about a wild night of sex with Thomas. But, she soon realized it wasn’t a dream when she felt Thomas’ limp body still on top of hers, his soft penis still partially inside her. She rolled her eyes to the top of her head. “So much for taking it slow,” she thought pitifully to herself.

(c) 2008 LA Jefferson