Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Networking Tips--Mailing List

Just arriving home after attending a Glam R Us event, I find myself still pretty excited from the networking opportunity that it turned out to be. The event was a demonstration to attendees on makeup application for everyday and evening occasions. However, the gracious host, the Glam Doctor--being the giver that she is--also allotted approximately 10 minutes for attendees with their own businesses to promote their business by turning in a business card for her to read off to the audience. In hindsight I kind of remember the event details advising business owners to bring business cards with them but that was furthest from my mind as I trudged on to the event after a very exhausting day at work. BUT, I've heard it in enough writer's meetings to know that I absolutely MUST ALWAYS HAVE ON HAND some kind of promotional material for my book and myself as an author because networking opportunities have no bounds!

So that is more like a refresher networking tip to remember--Always keep a stack of business cards/promotional flyers on your person (i.e. in your purse, coat pocket, vehicle glove compartment,etc). Here's what I didn't think about--creating a quick makeshift mailing list. Why? Even though it wasn't my event, those who expressed interest in my book may have been eager to join my list. Fact is, just because someone takes your card doesn't mean they're going to make use of it--or at least not any time soon, if they don't lose in the pile of other cards they collect. On the other hand, if they are willing to give you their email address for your mailing list, a shift of power now exists for you, the business owner--in my case, author--has the control to reach out/follow up with that potential reader. For example, one of the women who took one of my cards mentioned that she was in a book club and that she'd love to recommend my book to her club. Awesome, right? Absolutely! Good news with her is that she also gave me her card so I do, at least, have a way to follow up and I certainly will! But that wasn't the case with some of the others :(

Anyway, as you see, on this literary journey there are always things to learn, but I was very pleased with my application of everything that I've learned thus far in the game and I hope you have, too!

Til Later..L.A. Jefferson