Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who are the characters of Unfinished Business...

If you're a woman, you're probably quite familiar with the main character. Either you've walked in her shoes or know someone who has. Lydia Love is a smart, confident, career focused young woman. She has a strong family bond, terrific girlfriends, and is on the road to promotion at work. And she's got more than one man after her heart. For the most part, Lydia makes good decisions, unless Thomas Cunningham, the man she got herself sprung out on during college is involved. Then she just gets kinda stuck on stupid.

Or maybe you can identify more with Lydia's bestfriend, Sandra. Like Lydia she made some right moves too, at least attending college. But she was more interested in landing a man who would provide her with the finer things of life. Now that she's got that, she's wondering if the finer things in life compensate for the lack of fidelity on the part of her husband.

Thomas Cunningham is a man many women have encountered at one time or another in their lives, unfortunately. He's a "Mr. Lover Man". He's fine, he's sexy, he's the epitome of masculinity and sensuality and he knows how to make a woman feel that "thang". No wonder poor Lydia can't resist him :) Like most men, Thomas wants his cake and wants to eat it some, then more and more. And guess what? He'll keep doing it until he finally get's BUSTED!

Roy Collins is one of the good guys in the story, which of course, means he finishes last. Right? Maybe, maybe not. He may be kind, dependable, committment-phobia free, but he's not a complete sucker. Yes, he loves Lydia. Has loved her since they met as teenagers. But he also knows his worth as a man. Knows the right woman would be lucky to have him. And he has no plans of waiting for Lydia to take her sweet time deciding what man is best for her. Or does he?

Get ready for more. The book is on the way...

Your Author,

LA Jefferson

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It felt really good to have attended my monthly writers' meeting on Saturday. I was late, but I made it. As usual, the meeting was inspirational and encouraging. Just to be in the presence of people who are in the place that I'm aspiring to be as well as those who are on the same page. During my couple of minutes on the floor, in which I introduced myself, I spoke with a comfort that surprised even me. You see, although I've been a member of Motown Writer's Network for four years, I've only attended, maybe, four meetings. But I was always nervous and uncomfortable speaking about what I was working on. Not this time, though.

After the meeting, of course, I was all pumped up about writing. If it were possible, I would've spent the rest of the weekend writing. Funny, though, I wasn't really feeling any of the three or four current projects that I have in progress. So I kept the focus on Unfinished Business.

The final proof copy (hopefully) is scheduled to arrive in the next few days. I'm totally excited about that. By May, my debut project will finally be available for sale.

I appreciate all of the support and patience.