Monday, March 16, 2009

New excerpt from Unfinished Business... Anticipated release date is May 1, 2009! Thanks for your patience. It's been a long time coming.

“What’s that?” Lydia thought, slowing her steps. Behind them, she thought she heard a noise in the otherwise silent night. Footsteps, maybe. Of course, she wasn’t waiting to confirm her suspicion. Using her better judgment, she quickened her steps, pulling Alicia along side her. Hurriedly, she forced her key into the front door, unlocking it. Once she and Alicia were inside, Lydia turned to close and double lock the door. Then, as she was closing the door, she was shaken by a leather gloved hand reaching inside.
Lydia reached for the large pipe wrench she kept in the corner behind her entrance door for protection when an all-too familiar voice called out to her, “It’s me, Lydia. Thomas.”
His sudden appearance startled Lydia. Not enough, though, for her to not take notice of how exceptionally gorgeous and sexy Thomas was, coolly dressed in a dark blue pair of baggy Sean Jean jeans, an oversized button down shirt. Shamefully, a flash of her undressing him passed through her mind and she felt her body respond with the same twinge of desire as though they’d just been together yesterday. Quickly, though, she forced those thoughts out of her mind.
“Thomas, what the hell are you doing here?” She spat, angrily.
“Who’s that, Auntie Liddy?” Alicia asked, quietly, peeking her head from behind Lydia’s leg. Lydia quickly turned her attention to an inquisitive looking Alicia.
“Nobody, honey. Take these bags upstairs. Right now,” she added sternly when Alicia didn’t get moving along fast enough.
When she was sure Alicia was out of earshot, Lydia stepped outside the door. Plastering her hands on her hips, she said again, but more sternly, “What are you doing here?”
Thomas was calm, completely unmoved by her obvious anger. He moved in closer to her, making her eyes nervously avoid his. “If I’m not mistaken, you did say you needed to see how serious I was—so here I am.”
She couldn’t believe what she’d just heard—like she was supposed to be impressed or something. Rolling her eyes, she replied, “Yeah, well, I also remember telling you that I didn’t want to you see for awhile. And now, here you are, completely disregarding what I asked. Besides, you can see, I’m busy—so I need you to leave.”
“Come on,” Thomas pressed, sounding all Rico Suave cool. “I’m trying to show you how serious I am about this. You and me.”
“While I can appreciate your efforts, this is not the time. So consider yourself dismissed. Next time, call to see if you’re welcomed, so you don’t waste your time or mine,” Lydia walked away coldly, turning her back to him. After one final glare for added emphasis, Lydia resolutely closed the door in his face.
Ruthless satisfaction was surmounting within her as she peeked through the picture window of her home watching a bewildered Thomas tread slowly to his car, a sharp winter white Lincoln Navigator, her favorite luxury SUV. Though she felt a tinge of guilt coming over her, she relinquished it quickly, having no room for the old, softy, sucka’ for love Lydia to resurface.
The coldness with which Thomas had treated her in the past forced Lydia to travel a different road with him, a less foolish one. When she and Thomas were together, she’d always put herself at his beckon call. It was all about him. Making him happy was all that mattered to her.
This was a new day, she declared to herself as she finally turned away from the window. Thomas had just encountered his first dose of the new Lydia.

@ 2009 LA Jefferson