Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Heat is On!

Not literally speaking, but definitely figuratively. On this 30th day of June in Michigan, when the temps have not quite reached 65 degrees, I'm definitely feeling the heat of the match that's been lit beneath me. It's the match of marketing and promoting Unfinished Business.

It was said to me a few years ago that in due time I would find the process of writing my book to be a breeze once I moved on to promotion and marketing. Well, they weren't lying.

Right now, I'm actively putting together the official release party for the book, hopefully to commence in August. I've incorporated the help of a professional public relations person.

In the meantime, as the word has been getting out to those closest to me, I've sold a few copies. Received some positive feedback from a couple who read it :)

I'm figuring, my family and friends shouldn't hear about the publication of my book at the same time as the general public, so I've decided to do "Friends & Family" book release before the official one. That'll be pretty east to put together. Ohmigod, there's just so much to do, it's overwhelming, BUT exciting!

I'm also working on filling my calendar with as many networking opportunties as possible. The first will be at an event called "Martini's & Manuscripts" taking place on July 22 at the Renaissance in downtown Detroit. This event will feature self-published authors such as myself. The purpose of the event is for aspiring writers (where I used to be), to network and get advice from the pros from writing to publishing, to marketing. Since I just found out about the event a couple of days ago, I could only get on the waitlist, at this point, but I'll be there, nonetheless, getting my "network" on!

If interested in attending this event, you purchase tickets at the following site-- http://www.eventbrite.com/search?loc=&q=martini%27s+and+manuscripts.

I'll update this page accordingly if I become one of the featured authors.

Much love & Happy Reading!

L.A. Jefferson