Wednesday, March 06, 2013

March Writing Challenge

I swear I'm experiencing dejavu! Seems like I just had one these writing challenges of mine. But I'm going to keep on keeping on until I GET IT DONE!

If I keep up with the determination and discipline of the past couple of days, I will! Practice makes perfect and education is power!

I learned a few things since the last challenge. First, it's not enough to write everday. You have to write everyday with PURPOSE! While blogging is fun and fantastic--at least I think so--if that's not the purposed project then that writing doesn't count--unless, of course, your goal is blogging.

Because I'm writing a novel and I blog regularly, I need to develop a schedule AND actually adhere to it. With the way that blog ideas appear so randomly in my head, therein lies the challenge!

Anyway, in the spirit of National Book Reading Month, I'm doing a couple of key things:

1. Increasing my daily word count goal from 250 to 1000!
2. Finish first draft of novel by 3/31!

If I meet the 1000 word challenge, I'll be done with the draft! Wish me luck!

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