Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blogging Queen

Wow! Talk about going from one extreme to another!!! I can remember as clear as day when I became a member of Motown Writers Network how I would stare quite dumfoundedly as the group's founder, Sylvia Hubbard, would go on and on about the importance of aspiring authors to join the "blogging" community. At that time I was still struggling with finding substantial time to finish writing my first book, Unfinished Business, so you can imagine my frustration! "How am I suppose to find time to write my book and blog?" Not to mention, "What the heck was I going to blog about???"

Fast forward five years. Today I'm blogging more than I'm writing! Good or bad? Honestly, I can't say BUT I do enjoy it. Immensely, in fact! I manage, not one, but a total of four blogs:   All things literary Work/life balance Relationships  Obsession with weight loss

What I love about blogging is that whatever I blog about doesn't have to be an area that I specialize in--just something that I have an interest in. For example, although I'm a published author I do not feel that I'm an expert--yet--in the field of self-publishing. However, I have learned A LOT about it, specifically that it's more than a notion! With the knowledge that have acquired, I can help other aspiring authors by sharing my experiences. Also, I've been married and divorced twice, a single parent much longer than not, but it's not on my agenda to write a book about these subjects. HOWEVER, I certainly have a lot I can say on the subjects! I've LIVED those things. Blogging enables me to be able to add my two cents! So when Sylvia said, "Blog about whatever you want", I took that advice and ran!!!

Blogging provides me with a slightly different gratification than I receive when I complete a large writing project. Instant gratification! Blogging doesn't entail the long process of writing a book. There are no characters to craft, no plot to create, no climax to reach, etc. It's simply a simpler & faster way of connecting and sharing my experiences with other folks--friends, family, fans, and the unknown! Needless to say, I'll be a blogger for life!