Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the Meantime

In The Meantime...

As ready as I am to get deep into my next novel, Reconciliation to Hell, I and the inspiration to write just can't seem to get on the same page! I can't really call it writer's block at this point in the game because I haven't really gotten started writing. Not really, at least. During the composition of Unfinished Business I started the first draft for it, but that was it. Now that I'm FINALLY ready to move forward with my next major writing project, I can't seem to get focused. One possible explanation for it is that while I'm finished writing Unfinished Business, I'm just getting started with promoting it. And there's so much to do!

But you know what, I can't harp on it. Instead, I'm spending my free time doing the next best thing to writing--reading. In addition to reading some of my backlog of novels on my bookcase, I'm taking the time to read through my numerous writing resources. I have books on grammar, style, character description, plot building, and then some. When the time is right my writing will begin.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

2nd Saturday Writing Session

Seems like this 2nd Saturday of February took forever to finally get here! I've never been more excited about a Saturday writers meeting. Not my monthly Motown Writers Network meeting, but my personal scheduled writing session with a fellow writer. Like last month, we did more talking than actual writing, but there's a benefit to be found with that. For the last two weeks, I've been pondering over what my starting point is going to be for the story. Well, after today's session my starting point has become more clear. For example, I was initially going to create new characters for the story, however, an idea came to me just this past week to use the troubled married couple from Unfinished Business. This new change of direction has excited me. Luckily I'm not that far into my writing that I can't reconfigure what I have so far. At the conclusion of our session, we did agree we should work on being more productive prior to our meetings and using our sessions to review and encourage each other. I can't wait to REALLY get going on this.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

Everyone you know is aware that you've written a book. In fact, many of them have even encouraged you along the way. So, why is it that now you have finally published the darn thing ALL of these people have NOT purchased a copy??? You wonder, what the hell are they waiting for? A special invitation? Maybe, maybe not. Guess what--that should be the least of your concerns. If you find yourself wondering why friends and family haven't purchased a copy of your book, you need to reevaluate your purpose for having written the book. Is it your life story? Is it a family genealogy book? If not, then I suspect, the purpose of your penning that novel was to eventually introduce yourself to the world as the latest and greatest literary talent on the block!

This message is for myself just as much as it is for other aspiring writers or novice authors. Ever since word has gotten out at my job, that's where the bulk of my book sales have occurred. As much as I appreciate it, because a sell is a sell, I've got to reach more of my target audience and that's going to take a whole lot more work on my part.

I'm babystepping, but I'm on the right track. One of the young ladies that I work with told her sister about my book and now I'm going to be the featured local author for her book club. Now, from what I hear, they're big time with their book club, attending national conferences and such, so hopefully the news of my book will spread on that circuit. I'm so excited about that and will keep readers posted on that. Then, while perusing the Internet, I came across a site, Raw Sistaz, which provides free book reviews and they have low cost advertising available, too, so I'll be taking advantage of that soon.

Also, this week, I expanded the distribution option with my book printer so that major booksellers will be able to stock my book on their shelves. I haven't even touched on the conferences and vendoring opportunities that I have yet to take advantage. Whew! When they say it's hard work being a self-published author, that was sho'nuff the truth.

Stay tuned on my road to superstardom!