Friday, November 16, 2012

The Shoebox & the Essence of Motown Literary Jam & Writer Conference

Who knew that a shoe box would have anything to do with a writer's conference?

At the Essence of Motown Literary Jam & Writers Conference this past weekend I started learning stuff before the workshops even began. I was sharing a vendor table with fellow author Tenita Johnson and the fact that she was still working on her setup when I was finished in under 5 minutes was the first sign that I was about to be schooled. On her side of the table was a lollipop-filled mug, strips of words of encouragement, colorful magnets highlighting her book's message, along with the standard business card and promotional items. Sure, those things were awesome in and of themselves but when she slid a shoebox under the tablecloth, elevating her book above everyone else's--hot damn! I marveled at the ingenious!

Notice the extra decor on the other side of the table.
 Lucky for me the trunk of my car is like traveling storage container and there was a box--not a shoe box but a box nonetheless-- inside that I can use for the occasion. Worked like a charm. Don't get me wrong. I didn't sell any books, but that's not why writers attend writer conferences. We go to learn how to sell and write books better.

And learn I did!

This post would be endless if I tried to list everything I learned at the conference. Instead I'll direct you to my Twitter account. Look for tweets with hashtag #eom2012, #mwn.

Til my next post. Happy reading!


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Nanowrimo Pause--Get your Vote on!

Yay! It's the sixth day of Nanowrimo--National Writing Month--and as usual I'm off to a very slow start. But today, more important than nanowrimo, it's election day! I'll give my day job its due and then I'm off to the polls.

I won't get off into who my choice candidate is but no matter the wait, no matter the length of the ballot, no matter how long it takes I'm going to make sure my vote counts. And I encourage you to do the same.

Voting is not only a right that was fought and bled over, it is our responsibility. It is our time to have a say in government. Personally, I'm excited about that!

Now back to nanowrimo!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Celebrating National Author Day

What does an author do on National Author's Day? Celebrate themselves? Celebrate the authors who inspired them? Celebrate local authors by giving them a shout out? Write?

I'm happy to say I did a little of all that. Gave Melissa Love, author of Holy Suspicion, a shout on Twitter for being Motown Writers Network National Author's Day spotlight author. I'm reading one of my favorite authors, Mary Higgins Clark. And I made a little bit--literally--of progress on my current work in progress.

While all of this was gratifying, nothing tops culminating my evening with one of my all time favorite authors, Terry McMillan! Ain't God good? I saw the advertisement early on but I neglected to buy a ticket. Why? Because that's the kind of thing I do. Wait until the last minute. Sad, I know. So the day comes and I honestly wasn't thinking anything about it until, that is, I hit up Twitter. Gotta love Twitter. First, I learned that it was National Author Day. Then I was reminded that Terry was coming today! I shouted out that I wanted to go and my writing buddy shot me the link for tickets. $35! I love Terry but I couldn't fork over the $35 to see her as I consider everything on my financial to-do list. So I dropped it.

Then lo and behold my writing mentor Sylvia Hubbard texts me that she's got a ticket for me! She is so awesome!

The way I see it, God set this all up. I've been stressed the last couple of weeks. Need to get my writing mojo back.

An evening with Terry McMillan and my Motown Writers Network buddies was an easy fix!

Me and Sylvia!

Terry has taken the stage!
Writing buds Kai Kaiology Mann & Phette Ogburn
"Living the Sweet Life" was the name of the event and creating your own happiness was the theme. I already choose happiness so, for me, this event was all about being in the presence of literary greatness. Terry McMillan is such an inspiration. I definitely got my writing mojo back!

Happy National Author Day!