Friday, October 05, 2012

LA Writing Challenge Has Come to an End

Of course, I'm late updating my blog about the challenge but it's officially over as of this past Monday, October 1. None of those involved completed their project. However, everyone reported having made significant progress that they were proud of. I know I did!

Without the challenge I would have remained content with my puny--yet comfortable-- 250 word daily goal. During the challenge, on my best days I typed over double that number.

On days when I struggled with a scene, I forcibly pushed on to the next one--even when I wasn't sure if it would be cemented into the story. But isn't that the purpose of the draft??? Get the writer going in the right direction.

Today I'm more than on my way to completing this manuscript. The end is so close I can reach out and touch it!

Thanks to my writing buds who cheered me along the way as I did the same for them. Til next time.