Monday, September 10, 2012

30 Day Challenge Update #3

Despite days of weariness, discouragement, and plain 'ole stubbornness, Im proud to say that I'm writing EVERYDAY! Even making some good progress. I wish I could have done better this weekend but I did the best I could considering I had family over.

Now Monday has rolled back around and its these five days that I expect to get the most accomplished. One trick up my sleeve is to NOT spend so
much time on any particular scene. If it doesn't work at that moment I'm simply going to move on to what i want to happen next.

I didn't make a lot of progress but tomorrow I'm going to finish this one scene I've been working on so I can move this story along to the finish line.

Wish me luck. How's your writing coming along? Share in the comments below.

Friday, September 07, 2012

30 Day Challenge--Day 2

My personal 30 day challenge to finish my book presented a perfect way to connect with my twitter buddies I invited them along and to far the response has been good.

As for myself, I immediately felt the weight of accountability on my shoulders. You know, once you tell folks what you're going to do, you gotta kind of put up or shut up.

In true L.A. form, last night I was on the "shut up" side, snoozing instead of writing that other 500 words I was shooting for. Is that called self sabotage?

All in all yesterday was still a good writing day. I wrote double my 250 daily word count goal. If not for this 30 day challenge, that'd be awesome but the challenge is on and poppin! 250-500 words a day just isn't going to get it. I need to crank it up to like 1000.
It'll be a challenge but that's the point, right?

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

30 Day Writing Challenge

Upon close inspection of the word count log I've been keeping for the book I'm writing, I've been on a roll since the beginning of this month. Actually days before that but I'm gonna focus on the month at hand.

I'm borrowing a blog challenge that a fellow blogger, Skinny Black Girl, did last month. She challenged herself to blog everyday for 30 days. I decided to tweak her challenge to meet my needs, which is to finish this book!

I've lost count of how many fellow authors have shared stories of buckling down over a matter of weeks to finish their novels or books. I can do this! Yes I can! (Can you tell I'm watching the Democratic Convention? Lol)

Join me. Personalize this challenge to your needs. What do you need to finish? An essay, short story, editing project, blog design? Let's do it together.

Share your challenge below.