Friday, September 25, 2009

What's Going On

Okay, so L.A. is no longer hosting the blogtalk radio show. Summer is over and school is back in session. So, what is L.A. doing now?

Here it is. L.A. is in the final stages of planning the official release party of Unfinished Business. The party is scheduled for Friday, October 16, tentatively at Hoots on the Ave on Michigan Ave in Detroit. It's going to be a combination birthday/book release party as L.A.'s birthday is October 15th, so it should be a good time.

A couple of writing projects are in the works: one short story under the premise of "Women Gone Wild". The expectation is for the book to be a compilation of 3 or more stories. I may even invite other authors to submit stories. Anyway, the first story is about Jasmine, a plus-sized woman who embarks on a weight loss plan to spark interest from her husband who she assumes has lost interest in her when she stumbles across his secret collection of porn videos. Ironically, as she begins to lose weight, her husband becomes angrier and more distant. One day at the gym, Jasmine is approached by one of the male members who tells her how sexy her thick body is. He invites her to his entertainment establishment, which she assumes is a night club, but when she and her friend visit, it's actually a strip club that specializes in the "thick" dancer. Jasmine is appalled that he invited her there and even more so when he suggests that she become one of his dancers! Stay tuned for what trouble Jasmine finds herself in by the time this story ends.

Project #2 is a fiction novel, loosely based on actual events. What happens when two people, who probably shouldn't have ever gotten married a first time, marry a second time for all of the wrong reasons? A Reconcilliation to Hell. This is the story of Paula. She secretly remarries her ex-husband, Chris, after years of his pressing her to reconcile. Paula foolishly believes, that although Chris was never the man of her dreams and she never believed they were compatible, and they had a decent history, shared three children together, and most importantly he'd always been in love with her, that this reconcilliation couldn't go wrong. She had long tired of the "single-mom" dating game and had had her last straw when the last man she dated physically attacked her while her children lay sleeping in their bedrooms. But, boy oh boy, does Chris have a shocker for her. Paula finds out soon after their second "I do" that Chris was nothing like he presented himself to her during their re-courtship. He had become a MAJOR player! You'll have to get the book to find out the hell Paula goes through dealing with the new Chris and becoming a new Paula!

Read the below excerpt of Reconcilliation to Hell.

“Pleeeaassee, don’t do this to me!” I cried out, desperately, falling to my knees, grasping at him in a fleeting attempt to keep the man I loved from walking out of the door. He’d just declared, heartlessly, “There is nothing left between us, Paula…” It wasn’t the first time he said it, but this time his eyes were blood red, his lips curled in a gruesome snarl, exposing brown and yellow stained fangs inside his mouth, like some kind of monster. He stared at her hard, like he was daring her to combat him any further.
Still, I cried a river of tears as he walked out the door, leaving me, the woman he claimed would always be the owner of his heart, on the floor. As soon as the door closed, my children came running from the shadows, tears spilling from their eyes.
“Mommy, he’s gone,” three-year old Nigel cried, climbing on top of me, wrapping his arms around my neck.
“Why don’t we just leave like he wants us to?” Alissa chimed in, bravely fighting back her tears. I sat there broken, bruised, and trying to accept the inevitable defeat that had been hovering over me for the past three years when the strong smell of gasoline entered my nostrils. Hurriedly, I ran to the window, peaking out, only to see Chris proudly standing outside of the house with a lit match just before he dropped it at the beginning of the trail of gasoline leading to the house.
I was stunned immobile. My children were pulling at me, trying to get me to make a move—for my life, for their lives. Just because Chris didn’t want us, didn’t mean I had to give up on everything else. While I was aware of this truth, I couldn’t bring myself to leave. It wasn’t supposed to end this way.
The flames engulfed the house quickly, my children and I still inside. It didn’t appear to be any way out. I held my spot on the floor—the children finally gave up their losing battle of getting me to come to my senses. Instinctively, they huddled closer to me, for protection. As it got hotter and hotter, the flames coming closer and closer to us, all I thought about was how my marriage to this man for the second time had come to such a terrifying, seemingly deadly end…
It was always at this point that I awoke from this nightmare that had been haunting me for the past three months. Ever since I called myself making the decision to leave Chris, my husband of only three years. Same as always, I had to flip my pillow on the other side as the side I was sleeping on was so wet from the tears I’d been crying during my sleep as my subconscious mind honed in on the broken woman in the dream.
That woman can’t be me, I thought, unbelievingly, to myself, hugging the pillow close to my naked caramel brown body. But it was. This nightmare wasn’t something that my subconscious was dreaming up. Instead it was a pitiful reminder of what my joke of a marriage had turned me into—a groveling wife, desperate to keep her family together for the sake of her children and secretly trying to keep from looking like a damn fool for remarrying the same man she’d divorced over five years before.
I entered this second marriage a strong, confident, secure woman. There was no doubt that Chris loved me and he would never hurt me. Ironically, the only thing I did doubt was whether or not I’d be happy with him.
So how in the hell had things turned so upside down? How was it that I was the one begging him to stay with me?
That’s where Ms. Sheridan comes into the picture. She’s the therapist, by referral through my company’s Employee Assistance Program, I’ve been seeing for the last six weeks. Today marks my third session with her.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Knowing Your Limitations

Unfortunately, I had to resign my position of blogtalk radio host of the Michigan Literary Network show on Wednesdays. Truth is, I should have never committed myself to it in the first place. First off, the time of the show, 5PM EST is the worst time ever for me. I'm either still at work or leaving work. Even though I could host the show from my car, like I did the first time I hosted. However, that's NOT the ideal scenario for me, especially since I'm a doodler. I like to write stuff down while I'm chatting. You know, questions I want to ask or answers I may want to refer back to from a question I already asked, or whatever!

The next issue is where my priority needs to really be. Right now, my writing is writing. It took me forever and 10 days to finish Unfinished Business. I can't allow that to happen again. I'm currently working on two writing projects. One is another novel, tentatively titled Reconciliation to Hell (you'll hear more about that later). The other is a short story that I plan to submit to a contest in December. On top of those things, I'm a mother of a teenager and a 5yr old, and there's always something going on. While I could've used the exposure of the radio program, I just couldn't do it to my personal satisfaction--entirely too much going on.

My goal as a writer is to produce the best quality work that I can. This first project, I self-published. I hope NOT to go that route again. I need as much of my free time available to write and send my work out for representation, to hopefully get signed by a major publishing house.

In the interim, I'll always be a supporter of the Michigan Literary Network. I'll be listening to the show, attending writer's meetings and networking events, and listening to the blogtalk radio show!