Friday, March 06, 2015

National Reading Month

If you didn't know that March is National Reading Month, then you haven't been following my blog. Arrgh! Nevertheless, now you know. So what are you going to do with this newfound knowledge or reminder, if you already knew?

Read, I hope. If you've got free time and like to give back to the community, get out and read to a group of children or seniors.

"What are YOU doing, L.A.?" You may be inclined to ask while I'm all telling you what to do. Of course, I'm READING. In celebration of FINALLY finishing my second manuscript, I started reading back in February but my chalkenge for March is to actually finish as many books as I can!

Why? Mainly because I'm tired of starting books and not finishing them in a timely manner--not that it's a race or anything but finishing is important.

Here are two of the books I'm working on now:

Feel free to share what you're reading. Subscribe for updates and Happy Reading!

Yours Truly, 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Literary Accomplishment

We're at the tail end of the second month of the new year and guess what??? I finally finished the first draft of my second novel! "It's about time, right?" That's okay. If you're not saying it to me, I'm saying it to myself. Though completing this one wasn't anywhere near the length of time it took me to finish the first, I'm still a bit discouraged about how long it took me to finish this one. However, when I consider everything that I've done over the course of this four years (got married, took in a step-child, became a member of a sorority, joined a ministry at church), maybe it's not so bad after all. My life is pretty busy to be trying to be a novelist at the same time. Considering the writing time did decrease from 10 to 4 years, I should be down to a solid 2 for the third book!

Yes, there is a third book on the horizon but I don't plan to start writing it immediately. Maybe in  the summer. Right now I'm taking a little time out to do something that I never get tired of: READING!

What do you do when you finish a major project?

Friday, December 19, 2014

L.A's Christmas Reading Traditions

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Happy Holidays

Your author friend, L.A. Jefferson, wishes you and your family a happy holiday season!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer, Summer, Summer Time


Summer began about two weeks ago for some folks but it wasn't until July 9th that my youngest child celebrated his last day of school and I honestly don't know which one of us is happier! Seriously, it's been a overwhelming school year. Sleeping through my alarm clock nearly every morning, battling the worst winter weather the Midwest has experienced in over thirty years, scrambling to get my son to school on time every day, and nearly exhausting my flextime allowances on my job! On top of all of this, I've been fervently working to complete my second novel by the onset of fall. That shall come to pass!

While working towards that goal, I still plan to have a fantastic summer! Spending quality time with my family and friends--bike riding, badminton, golfing (trying to, at least), sitting by the poolside, visiting water parks/amusement parks, and of course, READING & WRITING! What fun would summer be without those two???  

Enjoy your summer and stay tuned for that book release notification :)

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend was far too busy to get any writing done. Saturday was a whirlwind of activities: sorority meeting, shopping for myself and my mom--I bought my mom a Belgian waffle maker and added two more charms to my Pandora bracelet I got for an early Mother's Day present--took my son to his friend's birthday party, and then attended my cousin's college graduation party.

 Sunday was early service at church with a couple of extra children (my niece & 2 nephews, along with my son).

Lunch at Red Lobster  with mom and family:

    Me, my sister, my niecey pooh, and 
    My mom.

    Me and my two children

    My son and my two nephews 

Lastly there was grocery shopping! Yep. Mother's don't stop being mothers just because it's Mother's Day. Like I tell my children often, life goes on after this holiday--I'm usually speaking of expectation of excessive spending for the Christmas holiday-- but the message is just as applicable for this holiday.

All the running around I did between those two days wore me out. I actually had to take a nap on Sunday just so that I could watch the season finale of Revenge. 

     Sleeping Beauty ��

Nevertheless, writing was not far from my mind. At the close of my writing session on Friday, the romantic words I had been looking for on a scene I was working on finally appeared in my head. I held on to them all weekend until Monday morning until I could get back to my document.  Let me tell you, opening that document was like watching the sun breakthrough a sea of dark clouds--refreshing.

Now that I've honored my mom and been honored as a mom, it's time to get back to business...


Wednesday, April 09, 2014

LA and the Spring Literary Cafe

What better way to kick off the long awaited for spring season with a literary cafe!

It'd been awhile since I had a speaking engagement but it was good practice for the promotions I'll be doing for the new novel slated for release this fall. Now I'm even more anxious about all that I have lined up for Reconciliation to Hell.

Stay tuned...

Monday, March 17, 2014

Author L.A. March MWN Highlights

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. With my iPhone nestled under my neck, there was no ignoring the buzz of the alarm. But even without the alarm, I was wide awake from the three little boys, ages 5 to 9 and a 3 yr old girl who were up at 7 AM. Everybody had somewhere to be that morning, including me. It was the 2nd Saturday of the month which meant my writers group was having its monthly meeting. What was the topic for the month? I had no idea, but I knew that I needed to be there.

"Ma, you know you're going to that meeting." My naysaying visiting college aged daughter challenged me. I totally understood why she doubted me. For the last six years that I've been a member, she's heard me say on the Friday before the meeting that I was going. Then when the day would come, I'd use any excuse not to go. So I can't blame her.

I don't know how the switch finally flipped in my head but now that I've gotten into the groove of going to the meetings, I can't imagine my 2nd Saturdays without them!

Here are a few of the highlights from this month's meeting:

1. Met a new author who's written and published a historical fiction based right here in the city of Detroit. The bulk of her time spent on the novel was on guessed it, research!

2. Giving away your book fror free counts as a sale! According to Motown Writers Network founder, Sylvia Hubbard, when a reader buys your book for the promotional price of $0.00, it still counts in your sales numbers! So go ahead, have a promotion and boost your sales numbers too!

3. Want book reviews? Register as an author on and indicate that book is available for review.

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