Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend was far too busy to get any writing done. Saturday was a whirlwind of activities: sorority meeting, shopping for myself and my mom--I bought my mom a Belgian waffle maker and added two more charms to my Pandora bracelet I got for an early Mother's Day present--took my son to his friend's birthday party, and then attended my cousin's college graduation party.

 Sunday was early service at church with a couple of extra children (my niece & 2 nephews, along with my son).

Lunch at Red Lobster  with mom and family:

    Me, my sister, my niecey pooh, and 
    My mom.

    Me and my two children

    My son and my two nephews 

Lastly there was grocery shopping! Yep. Mother's don't stop being mothers just because it's Mother's Day. Like I tell my children often, life goes on after this holiday--I'm usually speaking of expectation of excessive spending for the Christmas holiday-- but the message is just as applicable for this holiday.

All the running around I did between those two days wore me out. I actually had to take a nap on Sunday just so that I could watch the season finale of Revenge. 

     Sleeping Beauty 😄

Nevertheless, writing was not far from my mind. At the close of my writing session on Friday, the romantic words I had been looking for on a scene I was working on finally appeared in my head. I held on to them all weekend until Monday morning until I could get back to my document.  Let me tell you, opening that document was like watching the sun breakthrough a sea of dark clouds--refreshing.

Now that I've honored my mom and been honored as a mom, it's time to get back to business...


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