Sunday, April 12, 2009

It felt really good to have attended my monthly writers' meeting on Saturday. I was late, but I made it. As usual, the meeting was inspirational and encouraging. Just to be in the presence of people who are in the place that I'm aspiring to be as well as those who are on the same page. During my couple of minutes on the floor, in which I introduced myself, I spoke with a comfort that surprised even me. You see, although I've been a member of Motown Writer's Network for four years, I've only attended, maybe, four meetings. But I was always nervous and uncomfortable speaking about what I was working on. Not this time, though.

After the meeting, of course, I was all pumped up about writing. If it were possible, I would've spent the rest of the weekend writing. Funny, though, I wasn't really feeling any of the three or four current projects that I have in progress. So I kept the focus on Unfinished Business.

The final proof copy (hopefully) is scheduled to arrive in the next few days. I'm totally excited about that. By May, my debut project will finally be available for sale.

I appreciate all of the support and patience.

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