Friday, September 11, 2009

Knowing Your Limitations

Unfortunately, I had to resign my position of blogtalk radio host of the Michigan Literary Network show on Wednesdays. Truth is, I should have never committed myself to it in the first place. First off, the time of the show, 5PM EST is the worst time ever for me. I'm either still at work or leaving work. Even though I could host the show from my car, like I did the first time I hosted. However, that's NOT the ideal scenario for me, especially since I'm a doodler. I like to write stuff down while I'm chatting. You know, questions I want to ask or answers I may want to refer back to from a question I already asked, or whatever!

The next issue is where my priority needs to really be. Right now, my writing is writing. It took me forever and 10 days to finish Unfinished Business. I can't allow that to happen again. I'm currently working on two writing projects. One is another novel, tentatively titled Reconciliation to Hell (you'll hear more about that later). The other is a short story that I plan to submit to a contest in December. On top of those things, I'm a mother of a teenager and a 5yr old, and there's always something going on. While I could've used the exposure of the radio program, I just couldn't do it to my personal satisfaction--entirely too much going on.

My goal as a writer is to produce the best quality work that I can. This first project, I self-published. I hope NOT to go that route again. I need as much of my free time available to write and send my work out for representation, to hopefully get signed by a major publishing house.

In the interim, I'll always be a supporter of the Michigan Literary Network. I'll be listening to the show, attending writer's meetings and networking events, and listening to the blogtalk radio show!

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Chrystal said...

Looking forward to the new book, but did you misspell Reconcilliation on purpose? it only has one "l".