Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the Meantime

In The Meantime...

As ready as I am to get deep into my next novel, Reconciliation to Hell, I and the inspiration to write just can't seem to get on the same page! I can't really call it writer's block at this point in the game because I haven't really gotten started writing. Not really, at least. During the composition of Unfinished Business I started the first draft for it, but that was it. Now that I'm FINALLY ready to move forward with my next major writing project, I can't seem to get focused. One possible explanation for it is that while I'm finished writing Unfinished Business, I'm just getting started with promoting it. And there's so much to do!

But you know what, I can't harp on it. Instead, I'm spending my free time doing the next best thing to writing--reading. In addition to reading some of my backlog of novels on my bookcase, I'm taking the time to read through my numerous writing resources. I have books on grammar, style, character description, plot building, and then some. When the time is right my writing will begin.

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