Monday, August 24, 2009

Can somebody please tell me what happend to the summer??? It's already the 2nd of September. Next week the kids will be back in school! It's funny how excited the kids are about that, too. When I was their ages, summer time was too much fun to be ready to get back to school.

Anyway, I made the most of the summer, considering I had to work all day, then entertain the children afterwards. The only downside, besides there not being enough consistent hot days this summer, was that I didn't get as much writing done as I'd hoped. But, hey, no use in crying over spilled milk.

Rather than focusing on what I didn't get done over the summer, I'm going to try something different--acknowledging the things that I accomplished. Here are the ones I'm most proud of:

1) Stepped out on faith and finally released Unfinished Business.

2) Allowed eyes other than family to read my book and provide honest critique (whew! That was hard.)

3) Set in motion planning the official release party for the book.

4) Started hosting a blogtalk radio show--Michigan Literary Network show.

Stay tuned. In my next post, I'll be letting you know of my upcoming events, as well as what I'm working on next.

Til later,

L.A. Jefferson

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