Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Got Another One

Coming up with ideas for books is the best part of being a writer. At the same time, it can also be one of the most frustrating aspects, too. Why? Because the ideas practically fall from the sky. Ideas can sprout from ones own dreams & fantasies--like my story of Unfinished Business, which began from my own desire of reconnecting with an old flame. They can also come from ones real life dramas, such as my upcoming novel, Reconciliation to Hell, which deals with a couple's reconciled marriage that leads them both on a path straight to hell. Then the surrounding world is filled with ideas too! For example, I was watching a clip of Beyonce and her mother on the Today Show. As usual they were talking about their closer than closer mother/daughter relationship, right? Right. Then I began thinking, why doesn't she (Mrs. Knowles, that is) ever speak about the younger Knowles girl, Solange??? Have you ever noticed that? It's always about Beyonce and her mother. NEVER the other sister. Even when they talk about Beyonce's nephew--he's known as Beyonce's nephew NOT Solange's son. If it were me, I'd be pretty ticked about it! So my imagination gets to running...MAYBE Solange is not Mrs. Knowles daughter. Mayber she is the daughter of Matthew Knowles and some other woman. Hmmm. To my knowledge, this fact has not been brought to light, but truth or not, it sparked an idea for me to create a story about it. NOW that story could take many forms. I won't give it away now and I'm not fearful of anyone taking the idea because one story can be told from countless angles. Stay tuned...

L.A. Jefferson, April 2010

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