Monday, November 01, 2010

Ready...Get Set...WRITE

Calling ALL budding authors. It's November 1st and the challenge has begun! What's the challenge, you want to know??? The challenge to write your novel in 30 days! Can it be done? Absolutely! Ask any of the thousands of participants each year. Have I done it? Absolutely NOT! LOL! But I am giving it my best shot this year since I finally remembered the annual challenge before Thanksgiving Day rolled around. LOL! I figure I don't have anything to lose by challenging myself to begin and complete my novel by midnight on November 30th. What's the worse that can happen? Get half way through. Get a fourth of the way through. Heaven forbid I actually finish it!!!  Sounds like a win/win to me for anyone struggling with getting those words on the page.

So I invite everyone to either join me at ( OR follow my progress. I'll be updating my blogs, website, twitter, Facebook...all that! Wish me luck!

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