Sunday, January 02, 2011

It's the New Year! Let's Get it!

It's 2011! I know, I know. You had so many hopes and plans for 2010. Some things you achieved, some you didn't, but in the coin phrase of 2010--LET'S GET IT! Meaning there's no time for mourning the goals you didn't reach for 2010. Whether it was finishing that novel you started so long ago (or not so long ago), getting your webiste up and running, creating your newsletter, or doesn't matter.

Now is the time to re-prioritize. Create a new set of goals with the most important ones from 2010 at the top of the list. Move forward and have a positive mindset. If you haven't joined a writers group you should. They can be instrumental in helping you as a writer to stay focused. For example, my writers group, Motown Writer's Network challenged us to write for 15 minutes everyday and we're supposed to bring our work to the 1st meeting of the year. How's that for motivation?

Anyway good luck on whatever you set your mind to do in 2011. LET'S GET IT!

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