Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's Brewing for L.A.?

All I want to know is where did summer go? Between transporting my daughter to her first summer job, spending endless evenings on my mother's porch with my kids & neices and nephews, and working my day job summer just flew by. One day the day will come when I can take a leave of absence from my day job during the summer months, if not the entire summer at least 4 wks would suffice, to spend some quality time with my family and, of course, getting some writing done. As that's not the case right now I'm sad to report that I didn't even come close to reaching my goal of completing the 1st draft of my new book, but I have been very busy with that and several other projects. In addition to Reconciliation to Hell, I'm working on a memoir so to speak about my personal battle with attaining my desired body shape, short story about a 40 yr old woman trying to live out her dream of the campus life as a college student, and I'm creating a newsletter for readers and writers.

Oh, did I forget to mention I recently joined a book club, not including the one that I'm a facilitator for. Whew! Can you say BUSY! But as long as it relates to reading & writing I LOVE IT!

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